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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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TIDBITS (PART I) Candice Lin by Robert Leckie Cameron Rowland by Michael Eby Alex Baczynski-Jenkins by Eliel Jones Jirí Kovanda by Guillaume Désanges Kenneth Bergfeld by Alex Bennett Josef Strau by Enzo Shalom Cristina Garrido by Joshua Simon YUJI AGEMATSU “Primal Historian” Chris Sharp TO SPEAK AS IF IN CAPITAL LETTERS James Taylor-Foster ADAM GORDON Thin Art Ross Simonini COOKING SECTIONS The Climavore’s Dilemma Rahel Aima I AM ASKING WHAT IT IS NOT Kaari Upson GENESIS BELANGER Mouthy Pleasures and Purgatorial Soothers Andrew Berardini JANNIS MARWITZ Myth Kissed and Foam-Born Moritz Scheper HANNAH LEVY Untilted Adam Carr CUTE, GOOD-LOOKING, FUNNY, SWEET Jacquelyn Ross TIDBITS (PART II) Post-Work Society by Lou Cantor Tetsuya Ishida by Lauren Moya Ford Ettore Spalletti by Alessandro Bava Haris Epaminonda by Giovanna Manzotti Shadi Habib Allah by Allan Gardner Cosima von Bonin by Francesco Tenaglia Matthew Ronay by Chris Murtha SABLE ELYSE SMITH Vanishing Points Sara O’Keeffe MARIE ANGELETTI Context and Blackmail Daniel R. Quiles DAWN KASPER Magical Thinking Christina Lehnert THE SHIMMERING PATH Sabrina Tarasoff RINDON JOHNSON Between Maurin Dietrich CRITICAL CREATIVE CORRECTIVE CACOPHONOUS COMICAL: CLOSED CAPTIONS Emily Watlington
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