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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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DUKE Uingizaji Hewa

Whilst so far alot of the focus on the underground Singeli scene has centered on Sisso Studios, the nearby Pamoja Records has been another power house of hard Singeli sound. At the helm is DJ and Producer DJ DUKE and MC's like MCZO, Dogo Lizzi, Pirato MC and Kashiwashi. Duke's productions are perhaps the most punkish of all with a complete DIY agressive style, stretching the BPM's into the stratosphere and a completely unique sampling style borrowing from everything from popular Tanzanian advertising jingles to ambient sounds from around his studio. As a complete counterpoint to his breakneck speed productions, Duke has also over the last few years carved out a separate path with a new style he calls 'Hip Hop singeli'. Basically a slowed down version of its faster cousin it's a style that has gained popularity amongst other Singeli producers over the last year.
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