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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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HEITH Stone Lizard

Following on from his Mud EP, one of this year’s most distinctive, body- and mind-contorting dancefloor 12”s, Haunter Records boss Heith fires up his Saucers private press for a KILLER collaboration with longtime sparring partner Weightausend. Seriously, this is the biz - broken, bionic, 4D dancehall / tekno battle-droids that carve out disruptive new geometries in the dance without once dropping the ball or getting on your tits. Feels like there’s a million different going things on in each track, and yet H&W build air-flow into their creations - there is room for reflection and bliss-out amid the tangles of twisted metal and alien blood spatter! Massive tip for anyone into that recent Pharmakustik record, but this is totally it’s own thing, check the clips. Proper future gear - there is hope!
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