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JOãO PAIS FILIPE Sun Oddly Quiet

Throughout the four compositions of “Sun Oddly Quiet”, João Pais Filipe opens a dialogue with the listener. Be it a return of the homonymous album (Lovers & Lollypops, 2018), a connoisseur of the involvement with HHY & The Macumbas, CZN or of the collaborations with Evan Parker, Rafael Toral, Black Bombay and Burnt Friedman. Or even someone who crosses for the first time with the rhythms of the musician born in Porto in 1980. The conversation between the musician and the other side exists for the drummer to open the portal of his domain and challenge anyone who comes to understand the uniqueness of the intricate rhythms that give life to "XV", "XIII", "XI" and "V". In the first album, he was inspired by electronics / dance / techno that evolved from krautrock percussion to kick talent at will. Matured by the different experiences he had over the past three years, the collaborations he developed with other musicians, the extra courage to face an audience on a solo stage, trips to Africa, Asia and Latin America that allowed his muscles to collaborate with other languages percussive, “Sun Oddly Quiet” reveals itself in an album designed by those who are sure of today and tomorrow. For the listener it is a map of an uncertain place; one, two, three or four mantras with exact coordinates on how to make percussive music in 2020.
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