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OTRO Untitled (Live From Nowhere)

"Untitled (Live From Nowhere)" is the debut album from Otro, the ever shapeshifting, chameleonic project of Valencia's Aaron Morris. Following a number of short, sharp soundcloud studies and EPs, Morris follows up on the dreamy 'deconstructed club' antics of his early work to deliver a masterclass on patient, organic music. Although at a glance it is easy to dismiss the importance of his earlier ideas to this body of work, Morris has retained the very same promptness for catchy, memorable melodies. What has changed is his vision on build-up, his ability to assemble gently simmering compositions with a subliminar sense of grandeur, like a midfield maestro operating from deep. In itself, "Untitled (Live From Nowhere" is very much self-explanatory. It revolves around the idea of providing music with an actual sense of location, it is Morris' attempt to project his own feeling of confinment into the art; a diary of our own isolation. As a a record, it represents a sincere and textured picture, one that masterfully warps the borders between acoustic instrumentation and digital orchestrations to grand effect. It's defining moments showcasing Otro's ingineous pop sensibility in the way elements are layered, as if in playful bloom. "Untitled (Live From Nowhere)" is ultimately a bold yet tender declaration, one that holds onto it's own fragility to build a viscerally human narrative. One of love and loss but also continuity. "Left in love with everything."
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