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ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

On the limitlessly pleasing "Magic Oneohtrix Point Never", Daniel Lopatin twists left on his own internal radio dial and channel-hops through highlights of his career to date: from synth drift to scrambled sound collages to a kind of yearning adult contemporary that no-one else can pull off. If there’s one aspect that unifies this stylistically varied and guest-speckled album, it’s the ongoing tour through Lopatin lore. The clue is right there in the title for starters. Oneohtrix Point Never’s rise to the top of contemporary electronic music has made what is a fairly quirky artist moniker seem comfortably lived-in (so much so that Lopatin’s Korn-riffing bootleg 0PN merch didn’t make anyone blink). The genesis of his name got a tad lost along the way. It comes from Boston’s long-running AOR station Magic 106.7, which the young Lopatin would tune into while growing up in the city’s suburbs. Now say the station name out loud to yourself. There you have the skeleton key to unlock the album’s internal logic.
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