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ECE CANLı Vox Flora, Vox Fauna

"if nothing is to vanish, water turning into haze, turf into a maze, may your hands ever flood for not holding anything solid" Vox Flora, Vox Fauna, the solo debut of the vocalist and composer Ece Canlı, is a series of soundscapes loomed together by extended vocal techniques, extralinguistic poetry and other sounding instruments. Combining a multiplicity of styles from ancient threnodies to improvised experimental music with a singular narrative, the album evokes and crystallises the embodiment of the human-animal-nature, as a mediation between the earthly and the celestial. The plasticity of human voice, enhanced by the artifice of various registers, pulses, resonances and dissonances, commemorates our bestial and vegetal origins towards a psychic metamorphosis for relinking.
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