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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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RITA BRAGA Time Warp Blues

"Deparamo-nos com uma viagem em que o tempo se distorce realmente: reconhecem-se pedaços de soul em electrónica analógica, evoca-se o minimalismo pós-punk dos Young Marble Giants, atiram-se os Suicide para um cabaret imaginado em cenário de ficção científica, criam-se baladas melancólicas com recurso a ukulele e a caixas de ritmo dos anos 1960 e 1970." (Mário Lopes, Ípsilon) "Braga is so, so out of time, but given how dismal the present time is, to be able to immerse oneself in something so wonderfully detached is a rare and special treat." (Christopher Nosnibor, Whisperin' and Hollerin') "There are traces of Balkan folk, post-punk electronica and significant servings of 20s/30s jazz. And all that adds up to quite a rich combination. Humour is never far below the surface and the album is challenging and highly entertaining in almost equal measures." (John Barlass, At The Barrier) "What the world needs now more than anything else is an electro Betty Boop. It really does." (Brian 'Bordello' Shea, Monolith Cocktail)
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