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LOOPSEL The Spiral

((( PORTUGUESE ORDERS EXCLUSIVE ))) The third reincarnation of Loopsel’s solo debut outing ‘The Spiral’ - originally manifesting itself as soundscapes to accompany a multimedia installation on cassette, then finding home as a slightly expanded LP on Gothenburg private press Förlag För Fri Musik and now on Elin’s own Mammas Mysteriska Jukebox imprint. It still cuts deep. If anything, it’s dense, smothered, hallucinogenic atmosphere is even more potent after a repeated dose. Plunging deep into a thick tonic of shimmering, melancholic guitar licks, quivvering organ drift and heavily dampened electronics, songs seem coalece out of the clanging sonic scraps and fade away before you’ve had time to commit them to memory. Executed with deft poise and restraint, there are early glimmers of some of the more bucolic, Neo-folk themes that feature the later work as Monokultur on the woozy’ Backward Vision’, but now with the benefit of hindsight, it’s interesting to view ‘ The Spiral’ as a key steeping stone between Monokultur’s self-titled debut and 2021’s Ormens Väg
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