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SPIKE #67 – Sports

  • Label / Spike
  • Category / Art
  • Code / #67
Win or lose, sports are an art form all of their own. Just think of the parallels between the football pitch and the gallery floor: the knack for competition, the svelte physiques, and of course, the drama. Sporting is gamesmanship and intelligence, manoeuvring within the rules of engagement to get what you want—a victory or an ounce of respect. But athletics are also a reminder of the world's unfairness, where for footballers as for gladiators, some lives are more valuable than others. Hike up your socks, tie your trainers tight, and make yourself uncomfortable for the workout ahead. Hear why two gallerists, Yvonne Quirmbach and Monika Sprüth, can't be bothered to pick up their phones on football night, and how the head gardener at Wimbledon keeps the storied lawns a beautiful green. Anne Imhof talks to us about how to bend the rules, while ex-basketballer and writer JJ Bola clues into the cultures of masculinity in sport. There's a postcard from hard-luck Buffalo, and a special section of reports on drone racing, doping, sportswear fetish, public pools, and majestic horses. Artist's favourites from Sharon Lockhart, Elfriede Jelinek's "Sports Play", tennis and skate wear crossovers, and some Eurythmics keep the sporty train a runnin'. With features on David Hammons's basketball works, Ligia Lewis's athletic choreography, Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint, Rineke Dijkstra's videos of young gymnasts, and much more...



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