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50 years since their first LP ‘Brian Jones presents the Pipes of Pan at Joujouka’ was released on Rolling Stones Records, The Master Musicians of Joujouka are issuing a double LP recorded live at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris. The recordings are a full immersion into the Joujouka sound with disc one featuring hypnotic flutes and drums and a side of songs with mountain violin (kamanja) played by virtuoso Scheik Ahmed Talha and lead vocals by the late Abdeslam Boukhzar. Disc two features the frenzied deep trance of the rhaita suite Boujeloud, recorded in its entirety for the first time. According to the record’s producer Frank Rynne: “Having worked with the Masters for nearly 3 decades I was holding off on producing a new LP until I was sure we could overcome the difficulties in recording this music where the group go from unearthly quiet tranquillity to being the loudest folk band on the planet. ‘Live in Paris’ has achieved that. It is the first Joujouka album that has both perfect low-end drums and the delicate high end of the lead rhiata. It’s the best Joujouka album so far. This has been a testing time with the group’s live performances and the planned collaborative tour of Japan with The Orb postponed due to Covid-19. It’s time for this music.” Jarvis Cocker of Pulp who worked with The Masters in 2017 for his BBC Radio 4 show Wireless Nights previewing the LP wrote: “In January 2017 I had one of the most intense musical experiences of my life. I travelled to Morocco to witness the Master Musicians of Joujouka play in the village they call their home. Their performance lasted a whole evening, starting relatively gently indoors then moving outside & building to an unforgettable climax featuring a visitation from Boujeloud whilst a bonfire raged & the full moon hung in the sky above. It was a truly transcendental moment. Listen to this record & tap into that same power. The music of the musicians of Joujouka is not improvised - it has been honed & perfected over many, many years to help the listener access altered states. The performance captured here is structured in exactly the same manner as the one I witnessed. Put the needle on the record & prepare to take the journey of a lifetime.” Another stellar endorsement comes from Harry Sword, author of Monolithic Undertow: In Search of Sonic Oblivion, who stated: “A transcendent, joyous, hypnotic trip. Nobody makes music like the Masters and 'Live in Paris' captures the weight and sheer primal uplift of the Joujouka sound like never before: psychedelic in the truest sense of the word.” Ahmed El Attar leader of The Master Musicians of Joujouka said: “This is the best we have ever sounded on a recording. After a year of Covid lockdowns we are delighted to offer this healing music and pray it will help some people.”
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