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HUGO BRANCO & MARTA ÁLVAREZ UFOs OVER THE FIELD: a best practice [anti]guide for community cultural projects in rural areas

Departing from our experience concerning the Re_Emergir project —developed in 2019 at Borralha, a Portuguese former mining village, within the Tandem Europe program— we’ve come up with this practical [anti]guide, which we hope will contribute to the discussion about alternative pathways concerning the development of community-based cultural projects in rural and other peripheral areas. The goal of this [anti]guide is to share our code and methodology in an accessible fashion, while simultaneously allowing us to cast further reflexion over our own experience. It’s not intended to work for everyone nor for every territory nor situation: don't underestimate the importance of factors such as flexibility or chance, which will imprint that crucial organic character onto your project. Rather than hard or absolute guidelines, these words represent the result of an intense emotional and collective process. You should know your context better than us, so don’t try to follow our recipe step-by-step. Directed towards nonprofits, policy makers, citizens and local action groups alike, we hope that the following pages may help you reflect on the practices you wish to develop, while proving useful to anyone aiming to engage in actual community projects, participatory art and cultural action in peripheral areas.
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