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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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VARIOUS ARTISTS Transmissions from the Secret Cinema, Vol​.​1

* WELCOME TO THE SECRET CINEMA * Located at an unsuspect basement somewhere in the coastal town of Aveiro, a certain underground auditorium was built in 1969 to support the local dissemination of censored and forbidden artworks. During the Portuguese dictatorship, it operated as a clandestine cinema and cultural headquarters for the local opposition to the regime. From the depths of the house where the multifaceted artist and social activist Vasco Branco (1919-2014) once lived and worked, this secret cinema has recently recovered its original role as a safe harbour for mystics, artists and outsiders, while continuously hosting exploratory music, independent cinema, poetry and audiovisual performance. This compilation features an odd collection of mostly unpublished tracks from artists whose work we feel strongly about and who have performed live at our underground auditorium over the past few years. The first volume of Transmissions from the Secret Cinema also marks the official debut of VIC NIC, our freshly baked circulatory device for sonic, visual and written artworks. On the backroads of DIY culture, we will keep pushing this sanctuary for the wild at heart towards the edification of possible shared futures, by openly facilitating the flight plans for time travel artefacts. We hope you join us.
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