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THE INTERNATIONAL BILLIONAIRE'S SECRET LOVE CHILD Delusive Tongue Shifts - Situation Based Compositions

Leipzig based TIBSLC (The International Billionaire's Secret Love Child) sculpts hazily ambiguous but meticulously detailed sounds hypersensitive to nanoscopic movements and fleeting midnight feels. Blending subtle environmental recordings with processed digital noise and feedback, the eight parts of ‘Delusive Tongue Shifts - Situation Based Compositions’ find themselves in good company on sferic’s roster of intuitive ambient explorers, but TIBSLC’s work is distinguished by an arcing narrative quality that emerges across its yawning spaces, each viewed by perspectives ranging from lofty, birds-eye to more intimate and voyeuristic. Carefully keeping interest on the waking dream side of torpor, TIBSLC proceeds to shape the album’s experience at liminal, hypnagogic levels of intrigue, alternating its spatial and barometric parameters from light-headed sensations in ’Soft Afternoon Pressure’ to something like an ancient bathhouse humidity in ‘Later That Day.’ It’s an effect that feels like watching Andrew Pekler's hazy imagined vistas reshot in 4K, with every minuscule element suddenly hypervisible. We can hear lingering, vaporous traces of ‘90s Likemind experiments percolate thru ‘The Touch Of Your Toes’, while ‘Beachlife’ fees like Burial filtered by Jan Jelinek, and ‘Extended Stay of Blue Sky’ evokes a glorious, aerial motion in its hang glyder swoops, with ‘Nightmode’ lushly extending that feeling of roiling midnight air that practically, gently leaves us pill bellied and swooning.
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