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IGAXX Here And There

"It’s all about timing! This release wasn’t on the schedule, but when we’ve received the demos of Igaxx (that we didn’t knew earlier), it made evidence that it should be release on Macadam Mambo as soon as possible. All ingredients were here to make a very special record. The fully analog music produced by the Tokyoite, Shota Ikawa aka Igaxx, immediatly rang a bell to our memory : Irdial Discs, the legendary UK label that we instantly connected with his music, the long housy loops, the deepness of the atmosphere, the tropical jungle sounds was not without remembering Aqua Regia or Pluto to name a few… the EP alternates infectious ambient tunes, hypnotic beats and dance music. It’s the kind of gem that could very quickly become a classic, TIP." — Igaxx
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