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Minimalist, hearty kosmische x Balearic treks from Malmö’s Inre Kretsen Grupp, wandering along paths not dissimilar to Naaljos Ljom, Pye Corner Audio or early Not Waving. Martin Blomberg follows the prevailing balearic breeze of his 2019 debut ‘Dorisk Ordning’ with an inviting album of West Coast Swedish vibes oscillating between the sublime and the gothic. ‘Raoul’, his first album, proper, stems from live sets developed around his first record, teasing out those ideas into a more full bodied and broader canvas where his wistful synth and guitar lines ribbon out across widescreen, bucolic scapes. However, Blomberg keeps the scenery changing steadily, holding to slightly more popwise principles that don’t challenge the listener’s patience. Opener ‘Arpa’ transposes shimmering Balaeric strings via the kind of Norwegian folk ideas of Naaljos Ljom, setting the tone for a absorbing cycle between more brooding depths of motorik putter and stately, swaying chords on ‘Buffo’ and cosmic curiosity of ‘Habo’, while the moonboot dub bounce of ‘Vyn’ prizes a more tentative ‘90s ambient optimism. The title tune is a lovely display of campfire kosmiche guitar strum and thrumming machine pulse shades away from Pye Corner Audio, while ‘Bonum’ opens up to a sort of raga-folk-like lilt with subtly heartical effect, and the molasses psych-drone wade of ’Svit’ dials up comparison with Tolouse Low Trax slow jams, and the trippiest downbeat nooks of Offen Music, for that matter.
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