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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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E RUSCHA V AND THE ONLY THINGZ E Ruscha V And The Only Thingz, Too

Many moons ago our first cassette release of an artist’s original compositions was from 'The Only Thingz' - E Ruscha V’s biomorphic modular synth alter ego". Now, The Only Thingz are back, yet this time both egos aligned in symbiotic unity. Recorded during the lockdown, the music was created at a time of stepping away from fast moving life and focusing more on the slower pace of simple home existence. Gardening, making fresh bread and making music was the order of the day and each day blurred into the next. The music itself is a more realized vision of the first Only Thingz offering which was perhaps the tadpole stage of the frog’s life, and now this frog is grown and sits and marvels at his surroundings while being at peace there, yet there can be ominous overtones at moments. Something lurking behind that old tree downstream perhaps? While synthesizers feature heavily, the clarinet seems to be a floating guide through the proceedings giving the feeling of an environmental merge. Oceans waves, streams, plants, sun clearing the fog, walks in the hills and daydreams all converge in E Ruscha V and The Only Thingz, Too.
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