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ONDNESS Megadawn

Gone silent since the release of “Meio Que Sumiu” in late 2019, Ondness (Bruno Silva) returns in 2022 with “Megadawn”, a spiritual successor for “Not Really Now Not Any More” (2019). Perfect title for these times, a good mix of this breezy feeling of rebirth with an insistent “wtf, when is this going to end?”. Take that, “Antidawn”. While listening to “Megadawn” a feeling of fractured sadness comes to mind. The music seems to accept the tiredness of the information flow and constant change. It doesn’t acknowledge that there is too much information, instead totally ignores it, it is just passing by. This is peak Ondness we are talking about. By ignoring the flow, Bruno made a provocative record, effortlessly stimulating. “Not Really Now Not Any More” set the tone for this music with a fractured groove. “Megadawn” continues that language/code but doesn’t sleep on it, naturally growing into songs with more rhythm, even some rave vibes. It displays those vibrant blinding lights of Black Dice circa “Creature Comforts”, emulating their thing without nostalgia, with a wider sense of sound design and open space. Music for the uncertainty of collapse endless foggy days. There’s no new dawn. Just “Megadawn”.
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