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Nurse With Wound Alas The Madonna Does Not Function

Also featuring David Tibet and Diana Rogerson, ‘Alas The Madonna Does Not Function’ depicts Steven Stapleton’s Nurse with Wound in a key transitional period between the long shadow of post-punk and styles to come on their releases ’Thunder Mind’ and ‘Rock ’n Roll Station’. Issued following 10 years up to the hilt in industrial musick, the 1988 original finds NWW punching in Foetus-like sampled orchestral drums to webs of Diana Rogerson’s voice, plus noirish foley and Hermann-esque strings on ‘Nil By Mouth’, before ultimately erupting in flaming licks of psych guitar and really booting off with the drums. You can almost feel the tension of them snagged on post-punk templates but leaning into new terrain at the end of a decade. The B-side however shores up nearly 21 minutes of white noise washes that crash across your pebbled mind, joined by tense string and a child’s voice that ushers in a bleak coda. In between those original parts, fan-fave ‘I Am The Poison’ from 1990’s ‘Soresucker’, places Tony Wakeford as a forlorn crooner against skeletal bass guitar and an exceedingly creepy collaged backdrop of chain jangles and lysergic axe work, providing a sort of missing link between Joy DIvision and the post industrial movement.
  • Alas The Madonna Does Not Function
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