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ANDRé B. SILVA The Guit Kune Do

André B. Silva - The Guit Kune Do || Guitar based large ensemble groovylightful extravaganza The Guit Kune Do is a musical project from the mind of Portuguese musician and composer André B. Silva. In his eternal search for sounds, formations and solutions less explored, he stumbled upon the possibility of creating a large ensemble mainly focused on the electric guitar. The result is The Guit Kune Do an ode to the instrument, but also to the mainstream rhythms of the late XXth century. The influences of jazz, funk, hip-hop and rock are well defined in the sound and they are joined by edgier and freshier melodic material (a very present characteristic in André's work for example with The Rite of Trio). Melodic details harmonized and joined together with vicious counterpointistic riffs make the use of the five guitars a listening delight. Musicality is celebrated always.
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