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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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On February the 5th 2021 the new archeological findings about the mysterious Conferência Inferno will be revealed. After the rubbles uncovered with Bazar Esotérico (their first recorded manifesto), that unveiled thee sketches of a anarchic religious ritual inspired by the teachings of darwave post punk spiritists, Ata Saturna is found. A document of blurred reading where three scientists are identified, Francisco Lima, Raúl Mendiratta e José Miguel Silva, to whom as been served the capacity to synthesize a robotic figure, more conscious and sentient than their human contemporary peers. According to the first reports of those who have been given the privilege to contact with Ata Saturna, the experimental scientists, apparently driven by a sadistic drunkenness, created a particularly efficient entity in the arts of finding disillusion. Those who have crossed paths with this creature, describe a new messiah, bearing new nihilist teachings within simple and captivating melodies, screaming constantly that “the apocalypse has happened, that fate has been fulfilled, anarchy has been contained, tomorrow is not a promise, anxiety is perpetual, the Sun will never rise here”. The ingenious invention, ordered with the sole objective of addicting mankind to their own most basic contradictions, was tested secretly and the results, now available to the world, show that the world can have more empathic constructions than its creators and peers. Ideologists from Conferência Inferno believe that only a mirror facing our own dehumanization will bring us back into humanity and that we will only be saved when the days are filled with odes to our Saturn god and slaves are given the power to trade places with their rulers. Manuel Molarinho
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