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GEKIGA WARLORD The Day They Stop Smiling Is The Day We Remember Their Smile

Gekiga Warlord's new album The Day They Stop Smiling Is The Day We Remember Their Smile, out June 8th on Favela Discos. The follow-up to his self-released underground cult classic Seiichi’s Lament is darker and faster but more hopeful. It slaps you right in the face to help you reach new heights. Described as “Gluten fuelled IDM” by Marcos Farrajota (Chili Com Carne) and by Gato Mariano as “Tetsuo: The Iron Man but with more industrial cocks flying in all directions”, Gekiga Warlord — aka Diogo Jesus (producer) — pictures the album as collage of their own life at the time, as they swung from a depersonalizing work overload and immediately deep diving in a videogame lockdown. “I was having daily surrealist dreams”, comments Jesus.
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