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Voodoo Child The End Of Everything LP – CD Trophy Records

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IRIS Speah

More psychedelic folk compositions dedicated to a guitar from the Czech Republic, this time in LP format. All Night Flight: "Right off that back of that beautifully unassuming 7” earlier this year on Tax Free Records - the mysterious Iris turns in a whole LP of elegantly dubbed-out and drifting folk miniatures for the label. There’s an addictive air of mystery here - soft drum machines bubble up around chiming guitar and smeared electronics. The spirits of both Woo and Deux Filles are present, as well as the whole Bons / Happy Return / Jam money / Spillage Fete thing and that recent Blackwater record. But, also, there’s the always coming back to yourself quality of Black Dice’s Beaches and Canyons and the un-mappable, senseless feeling of Steven Stapleton’s sound design. It’s DIY homemade psychedelia that’s refreshingly free of the standard tropes and has something warm, watery and surreal about it - like tripping on a wet lawn at night, or trying to see forever in the bottom of a suburban pond.."
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